First Love

Nothing is promised


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I didn’t have a first love till 7.22.17 longest relationship I was in we lasted till a year . we started talking off Facebook he was a cool dude a nice guy and very sweet we weren’t in the same grade nor same school so we stated off talking from distance . One day we decided to link I went to his house I met his mom he met mines that was our first date and it was at the zoo I was nervous I aint know how he was feeling I aint know if I looked like a catfish or not so I was shy just walking in the zoo him on my side it was another couple in front of us who were holding hands he looked at me and said ” aww look they holding hands” I laughed because it was funny and cute like aww thats cute lets donate too so he grabbed my hand and since that moment I got comfortable and our date at the zoo went good it was fun and I got to see what he likes and aint like. Later on the going on dates stopped our relationship was still going well but thats when I started noticing change we argued more , and he lost my trust but I still gave him chances I cried to the kid I told him everything about me I was comfortable with him… His older sister later comes back home and she never liked me I met her at the zoo on our first date too , she’s nothing but trouble she controlled his life basically . Long story short we broke up after she came back worst moment of my life I was crying I was hurt I couldn’t eat I couldn’t sleep I still to this day get reminded and once again I’m hurting but since everything I just stopped caring about ALOT he than started messing with this girl who was pregnant than later karma got him 10xs worst he had messed around with some girl who was positive for herpes lol I know its sad and all but I’m happy thats what you get when you try doing someone dirty after everything they done did for you , you reap what you sow. ever since that situation I been cool on love and guys I’m antisocial and stay woke and open eyes at everything that crosses me I no longer trust. the pain changed me I’m better off alone , main focus is to shine and show what everyone missed out on and have them feeling dumb like they should’ve never gave up and left me have them hurting off my glowing and growing phase. feelings change everyday , someone can wake up and not care for you no more that fast and you will never understand why , just know it won’t happen again don’t get your hopes up for anything because everything is temporary nothing is forever

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