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Netflix Top Show Of The Week

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This Alexa and Katie's big family in a tree at the end of the theme song

This week’s Netflix show is Alexa & Katie.

This is a show about A teenager that has cancer.

High school is hard for all students, but it’s even more difficult for somebody who is dealing with personal challenges that most teens don’t. That is the case for freshman Alexa, who is undergoing cancer treatment while trying to adjust to high school. She maintains her outgoing personality and enthusiasm for life despite her health issues, thanks in part to loyal best friend Katie remaining by her side through it all. Whether they’re at school, home or the hospital, the girls are always by each other’s side through thick and thin. Also part of Alexa’s life is determined and protective mother Lori. Alexa has cancer be she doesn’t want her other friends but Katie to know. Katie is keeping a big secret from there other friends.

Alexa is at treatment for cancer


Katie was shaving her head for her friend Alexa so she wouldn’t feel like the only one to be bold.
Alexa and Katie shaved their hair.

Katie would do anything for Alexa cause she is her best friend.  They may fight but that’s all friends for everyone Alexa is upset because she cant play her favorite sport, basketball. Alexa always wants to win a picking war with another snobby student that she has gone to school since she was little. Alexa and Katie were ready to start high school. Then Alexa’s hair starts to fall out. Katie will always be there for Alexa no matter what happens between them. Alexa and Katie live right next to each other since they where young. Alexa spent most of her summer in the hospital because of cancer. Alexa had leukemia its a type of blood cancer. Alexa & Katie’s families come to form a big family.

This Alexa and Katie’s big family in a tree at the end of the theme song
Alexa and Katie having fun in a hospital bed.

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