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Top 6 Suspenseful Movies on Netflix

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  1. The Open House – A teenager & his mother are on their own after losing the father in a car wreck. The young boy and his mother go broke financially. They eventually lose their home. Some close friends offer them to stay at one of their houses that have been on the market to be sold. As they are staying in the house many strange things begin to happen.

2. Hush – A deaf woman moves into the woods to live a life on her own. It seemed okay until a masked killer appears in her window determined to end her life; it’s up to her to fight for her life.

3. Lavender – This movie is so underrated! It’s about a woman dealing with memory loss, she returns to her childhood home where her family was killed many years ago. Many clues point to her being responsible for the death of her family.

4. Veronica –  A Spanish teenage girl attempts to keep contact with her dead father through an ouija board during a solar eclipse, but things take a wrong turn…

(This film is not in English but does have subtitles)


5. Dismissed – An English teacher begins to get trouble when he receives a star student determined to do anything to get an A in class.



6. The Gift – When a married couple (Simon & Robyn) move into a new neighborhood they run into an old acquaintance from Simon’s past. This acquaintance has been holding a grudge since high school & Robyn, not knowing why or what begins to find out the truth. She begins to question if she even knows her husband like she thought she did.

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