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Titans Ace East at Homecoming

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A full stadium, something that South High hasn’t experienced in two years. At the 2018 Homecoming football game that took place on Friday, September 21, many students and South High alumni cheered on the Titans.  The theme of our homecoming was ‘Blast from the Past’ to celebrate South High’s 60th year anniversary. The Titans faced off against the East High Aces.

The game started by South’s Madrigals from the past and present singing the National Anthem. The group sounded amazing, even though some of the performers haven’t sung in years. The Titan Marching Band continued the amazing music by playing the notorious fight song. The football players rushed the field and broke through the poster that the cheerleaders made.

The South High football team bursting through the banner


The cheerleaders holding up the banner that they made for the game.








The game started off rough, with the Aces leading the game in the first quarter. The Titans fought hard and were able to put some points on the board. Halftime was quickly approaching, and the Aces were in the lead 14-7. The Titans were unable to recover before the half was over. The timer went down and the stadium was filled with the buzzing sound of the scoreboard.

It was finally time to announce the homecoming court and crown the homecoming king and queen. The nominees were JaiSchawn Brown and Nicia Logan, Tyler Anton and Taylor Egbert, and  Deron Dudley and Katy Badger.

Katy Badger and Deron Dudley
Taylor Egbert and Tyler Anton
Nicia Logan and JaiSchawn Brown
Nicia Logan and Deron Dudley after being crowned.
JaiSchawn Brown, Tyler Anton, Deron Dudley, Nicia Logan, and Taylor Egbert celebrating the crowning of the 2018 homecoming king and queen.

The crowned king and queen were Deron Dudley and Nicia Logan.








After halftime was over, the football players joined the field once again, this time, with a whole new attitude. The Titans were here to win, and they wanted everybody to know that. South made a comeback and quickly increased our score. In the third quarter, South was winning with a score of 21-14. By the end of the game, South High won against East, 21-20.


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