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Everything Wrong With the Netflix Original “Sierra Burgess is a Loser”

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After Jamey hears the song and forgives Sierra in time for prom

The Netflix has recently released a new Original called Sierra Burgess is a Loser at the end of August and there was a little controversy on the internet. The movie got attention but for the wrong reasons., fooling the viewers with the thought of a love story when in reality the main character shouldn’t haven’t gotten the happy ending. The storyline continues down a dark and confusing path.

  • The movie excuses catfishing for love
    • In today’s world, catfishing is something everyone is familiar with. In this movie, Sierra gets a text message from an unknown number, who happens to be Jamey. Even when she realizes that he didn’t know he was texting her but thought he was texting a girl that Sierra knew, Veronica. Sierra decided that she would just continue to go through with messaging Jamey by pretending to be Veronica. Eventually, Jamey finds out that it was all a catfish but forgives Sierra.
  • Sierra exposes Veronica in front of the entire school
    • Before the football game, where all secrets were exposed between the friends, Sierra sees Jamey and Veronica kissing (At this point, Jamey is still thinking that the girl that he has been texting is Veronica). Upon seeing this, Sierra feels betrayed an decides that this would be a good time to hack into Veronicas Instagram and expose the flashy pictures of her and her ex-boyfriend on the jumbo screen to the entire audience of the football game.
  • The bond that started between Sierra and Veronica was for all the wrong reasons
    • The only reason that they became friends was that Sierra needed help catfishing Jamey and Veronica agreed so she would get help in her math because she wanted to be smart enough for her college boyfriend. Instead of bringing each other up, as friends should, they let each other bring others down.
  • The entire first kiss scene between Jamey and Sierra
    • After a fake date between Jamey and Veronica, Jamey walked out with Veronica and attempted to kiss her. Veronica, of course, does not kiss him. Instead, she convinces him to close his eyes while Sierra comes out of the hiding and kisses him instead. That whole encounter was wrong and horrifying. They never realized how wrong it was for them to trick the boy. But almost certainly, if this was a movie where the boys tricked the girl into a kiss it would be a much bigger issue.
  • When Sierra pretends to be deaf so Jamey doesn’t recognize her voice
    • After many long phone calls, Jamey says, “I can pull your voice from any crowd.” Then, ironically, the next day Sierra and her best friend see Jamey at the park playing with his little brother. Sierra’s best friend forces her over to him and instead of holding a conversation she decides to pretend that she was dead. Coincidentally, Jamey’s little brother is also deaf so Jamey tries to get them to communicate. Except, Sierra doesn’t know sign language. The encounter is crazy insensitive.
  • After all, one song fixes everything 
    • After the football game, Sierra realizes that she has officially ruined every relationship that she had beforehand. She goes home filled with self-pity and sings a great song, really, and forwards it to her former friends. The song is all about her and would make anyone feel some type of way. Veronica shows Jamey the song and he shows up at his house ready to give her a second chance. Or rather, a 5th chance that he doesn’t know just yet. Then all is back to being happy for Sierra, who probably hasn’t learned anything from all the nasty things she has done.

























































































































































































































































































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