Beating Cancer One Step at a Time

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Beating Cancer One Step at a Time

she has been a 100 since her transplant

she has been a 100 since her transplant

she has been a 100 since her transplant

she has been a 100 since her transplant

Emily Harding, Reporter

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Evie after she had received a few treatments.

Evie was seven years old when she was diagnosed with leukemia in early November 2014. She is a strong, beautiful, and a happy 7-year-old that is loved greatly.

Evie had begun the first of many chemotherapy treatments later on that same month. These treatments would take place over the next few months. Once her family had found out about her being diagnosed, it was hard to keep everybody updated on her health. To help solve this problem, her family created a facebook page. 

Left to Right : Evie’s Aunt, Evie, and Evie’s older sister.

Evie got to see her best friend Shea in Kansas City after getting out of the hospital.


In fall of 2015, Evie was given the opportunity to participate in the Make a Wish Foundation. Her wish was to visit Orlando, Florida.  Evie had a good time on her trip and so did the rest of her family. They were able to go to universal studios and got wands from Harry Potter. The whole family’s favorite part of the trip was getting to take pictures with all of the cartoon characters. Evie’s favorite part was going to sea world.  .

Evie finally meet her wish granters, Heather and Megan! her wish was to go to Disney World!

Evie’s first rounds of chemotherapy didn’t work. She had to go to plan B, which meant that she had to go to Children Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri for a bone marrow transplant.

Evie 100 days after her transplant.


we are on the road to go to children mercy hospital

 Evie just so happens to by my little sister. It has almost been four years since she was diagnosed.  She has been the girl of the year for Leukemia & Lymphoma  Society (LLS). We went to dances and had fun with LLS. We have a lot of dances that kick off the start of LLS every year and the end of the year kick off for LLS.  LLS is a big part of my family no matter what goes on. We like meet new people from LLS. Every year there is 8 woman running for the woman of the year. There are 8 men running for men of the year. We get to take a lot of photos with the runners for man and woman of the year. LLS takes over 2,000 photos at the kick off and the end off the run for LLS. 

Mike Harding is in the back left. Julia is in the back right. Emily is in the front left. and Evie is front right. this was the end of LLS of the year.





Evie missed her buddy Shawn

Team Evies brackets




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