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The Life of Coaching with Mr. Gonzalez

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Soccer player number 12- Christian Delgado

Coach Gonzalez is the assistant coach for the J.V. boys team but the main coach for the girl’s soccer team.  His goal for the team is to be the best in the district. Personally, he wants them to persevere through tough times and learn to balance their academics and sports.

Mr. Gonzalez wants to change the D and F program and make it more strict.  Any failing students shouldn’t be playing on the team. A lot of students don’t seem to have pride. They seem to not care as much as the coaches do.

Mr. Gonzalez loves to coach because he loves to get to know the students better than in just the classroom. He tries to be a positive role-model. If it weren’t for his coaches when he was younger he wouldn’t be alive.

He decided to be a coach because he grew up playing soccer. He played in college and after being injured, it was a way for him to be involved with the team. He has been a soccer coach for over 7 years and he has been a coach for 3 years at South.




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