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Ceramics Field Trip

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Have you ever wondered where all the day-old bread goes after the grocery store throws it out? Well, the truth is, the store never throws it away.

South High’s ceramics 3 class, the most advanced ceramics class offered at South, was given the opportunity to tour the Kansas Food Bank and even volunteer. Tuesday, October 9th, The class departed from South and headed towards the food bank, when they arrived, they volunteered by packing non-perishable food items into boxes for the Food Bank staff to then pack into bags for their Food 4 Kids program. Then they were given a tour of the facility and got the run-down on how the food bank operates.

South High’s Ceramics 3 class at the Kansas Food Bank

After leaving from the food bank, the students headed to Wichita State University to tour the Ulrich Museum of Art and the ceramics studio. The students looked through the three main exhibits of the Ulrich art museum which consisted of a video installmentĀ piece, a photography installment, and an installment of Waterscapes painted by Frederick Judd Waugh.

The Ceramics 3 class in front of the Ulrich Museum of Art

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