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Cute movie and tv show couples

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Elio and Oliver are a young couple from the movie and book Call Me by Your Name. Elio Perlman is a 17 year old boy who lives in the northern Italy region of Lombardy. Elio’s father Professor Perlman takes in a different student each year, and this year it just so happens to be 24 year old Oliver. Their relationship has a rocky start: Elio has a girlfriend named Marzia and Oliver seemed to be interested in a girl also. As time goes on Elio and Oliver start to show feelings for each other and later start seeing each other. Oliver later comes clean to Elio about him trying to show Elio he liked him earlier in the movie. Oliver is meant to go on a trip alone, but Elio’s parents let Elio go along, leading to a very romantic montage of the two running around the beautiful Italian scenery but sadly everything good has to come to an end.

Tate and Violet are also another young couple but from the first season of the TV show American Horror Story. Violet Harmon, the daughter of Ben and Vivien Harmon, is a 15 year old girl who moved to California with her dysfunctional family to have a new start. At first she was very uninterested in the thought of moving into a new house until she met one of her dad’s patients, Tate Langdon. Violet finds Tate interesting and different so she decides to continue the relationship, despite her dad’s worries about the patient. Tate is soon revealed to be a ghost from the house who was killed in Violet’s new room. Violet soon becomes a ghost, as well as her mom and dad so they are stuck in the house together forever. Violet hates Tate, accusing him to be a monster and telling him to leave her alone so she will never see him again, but their story is not over. In the newest season of American Horror Story they make up thanks to a very special girl named Madison and they fall in love all over again.

Jane and Calogero, also known as Cee from the movie A Bronx Tale are a couple of kids that were never meant to be, but they made it happen. Calogero was a teenager in the Bronx who was taken under the wing of a mobster names Sonny who makes him a part of his gang life which doesn’t go on well with Calogeros father, who’s a bus driver. Calogero goes to school and notices a young African-American girl named Jane. In the 1960’s, it wasn’t the best idea for the two to date and it shows through the conflict of the two families. In the end, love comes out on top.

Damon and Elena from The Vampire Diaries isn’t just any high school love story. Elena starts off as Stefan Salvatore’s girl, who is the younger brother of Damon. Over time Elena grows closer to Damon and they soon falll in love, but she’s still in love with Stefan who she’s destined to be with. Soon Damon and Elena start dating despite all of Damon’s wrong doings to her her family and her friends.

The movie My Girl will make you sad no matter who you are. The relationship between Vada Sultenfuss and Thomas J. Sennett is the purest thing. Both Vada and Thomas are outcasts; Vada being somewhat of a Tomboy and Thomas being kind of a nerd. They grew up super close and even promised to be each others first kiss. Even though they poked fun at each other they cared about each other more than anything. Watching this movie and seeing how close the two are makes the ending even sadder.

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