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Top Ten Anniversary Gifts For Him & Her

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For Him

#1 His favorite cologne

Every guy likes to smell good, and every girl loves the smell of their boyfriend’s cologne. Only this time you get to pick it! He will wear it any time he sees you and you will never get enough of the way he smells.

#2 A watch

Getting him a watch is a sweet gesture because each watch is unique and it is a piece of jewelry that he can wear any time, any day. You also will not have to worry about him being late again, which is a major plus.

#3 Shoes

Who doesn’t like to get a new pair of shoes? It will capture his personality and maybe even have him learn something new about his sense in fashion. He will need a good pair of walking shoes for all the adventures you plan on going on.

#4 A Drone

Most men are still kids at heart. You give them a new and improved toy and they will go wild. They won’t set it down! You can also play around with the drone and have something to get him out of the house while you make dinner.

#5  A wireless speaker

Everyone has their own kind of music that they like. Let him share his with you and maybe even the neighbors if he is super excited. This will help him calm down, hype up, set the mood, and help create a deeper connection to each other by learning the song that one another love. This is a great gift for anyone.

For Her

1# Perfume

Of course, girls can never have too many perfumes. She will love any scent you get because she knows it made you think of her. She’ll wear it anytime she sees you to let you know how much it meant to her.

#2 Makeup and skin care

As much time and money girls put into their makeup, there is always something they don’t have. It’s up to you to find colors that accent her and that she will like. Regarding skin care, what girl doesn’t love to do a face mask?

#3 Flowers

Girls love flowers. Whether you buy them or simply pluck a couple. It will make her feel special and will remind her of how much you love her. Send her some flowers and watch her face light up.

#4 Candles

Candles make girls feel warm and at home. Make sure you ask her what kinds of smells you like rather it be wood smells, sweet smells, or fruity smells. She will think of you every time she goes to light it.

#5 Polaroid Camera

She will be able to capture memories with you and she will carry it with her where ever you two go together. I don’t know a girl that wouldn’t want one of these bad boys.

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