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New Young Adult Stories of November

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There are some new amazing books out this month that sound like fun and exciting reads. Ranging from romance and fantasy, to life and death situations, you can find anything that will spark your interest. Down below are listed some of the new books this month and what they are about, and if you want more suggestions after you read this you can go to Goodreads.com for more suggestions.

  • Little While Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Sawyer Taft is an eighteen year old mechanic, and one day her estranged grandmother arrives and offers her a contract with a good sum of money involved to compete in the debutante season. To Sawyer’s surprise, she accepts in exchange for information about her father that she has never met. With a year full of ball gowns, big egos and new friendships, Sawyer discovers scandals around every corner in this high society community. Along the way she begins to uncover her own families past and how it intertwines with all of the people around her.













  • Girls of Paper and Fire by Natasha Ngan

Normally every year there are eight paper girls chosen every year to serve the king. It’s a cruel job, but it is the highest honor to serve the king. However this year there is a ninth girl who is made of fire who is part of the paper caste. The paper caste is the lowest and most oppressed class in Ikhara ;Lei lives there with her father in a cabin far away from other members from the trauma of her mother getting taken away by the royal guards. Now they have returned for her because of the king’s interest in Lei and her golden eyes. With the training to become one of the king’s consorts, Lei decides not to let her fate be decided for her and she does the unthinkable and falls in love. With her forbidden romance in full swing Lei is in for more that she expected and the country of Ikhara is in jeopardy from vengeance and revenge.













  • Saving Death by R. L. Endean

Ava is trying to navigate through her grief when a stranger comes along and he knows too much. With her pain in full effect Ava needs a distraction, and he is so intriguing she can’t help but get close to him. With Ava feeling dangerous emotions and being thrusted into a world of black magic and loyalties, she uncovers secrets that should have been left alone.














Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott

Stella Grant likes to be in control of her life but her lungs are preventing her from complete control. With her condition she has to stay 6 feet away from everyone to prevent a diseases or infection risking her chance at a lung transplant.  Will Newman wants to get out of the hospital and explore the world and does not care about his treatments. Will is exactly the kind of guy Stella needs to stay away from because he can risk all her chances. Suddenly 6 feet feels like a punishment between the two of them and they are both willing to risk everything to be together.








Any Second by Kevin Emerson

After five years of being held captive Elian was sent to a mall with a bomb strapped to his chest. Across the mall, Maya is being held captive by her crippling anxiety. When the two meet, Maya helps Eli from ending them all. Will the meeting of these two change both their lives and save them both in the process?

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