What is Wichita BizFest?

Jose Retiz, Reporter

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What is Wichita BizFest? Wichita BizFest is sponsored by the Wichita Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Friends UniversityWichita Public Schools (USD 259), and the Kansas Hispanic & Latino American Affairs Commission (KHLAAC). Wichita BizFest is a four-day training that high school juniors and seniors in the Wichita Metropolitan area have the opportunity to learn a variety of life skillsleadership skills, and business techniques. 

BizFest is an opportunity for students to turn hobbies and skills toward Profit-making ventures, establish ambitious leadership skillscompose plans for business and life, and become effective leaders and team players. Also, students learn the art of networking in business environments, identifying investment opportunities, implementing money management skills, and making public presentations.  

Students from Wichita South High applied for Wichita BizFest. At Wichita South High, Maggie Gehring is taking part of Wichita BizFest. So that the students at Wichita South High can have the opportunity to be involved in the program.

Maggie Gehring said, “I wish I had this opportunity in high school because BizFest would have prepared me for the real world.” Also, BizFest would have given her mentors that are involved with business successes. The mentors would have prepared Maggie good enough or even more for the real world.

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