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15 Emotional Rock Songs

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The rock genre isn’t really known for having emotional songs . The genre is often stereotyped for being aggressive and satanic. People who don’t listen to the genre don’t know that the rock genre has made songs that are more than just what they are stereotyped as.

1.So Far Away: Avenged Sevenfold: This song was written for the bands drummer who died from an accidental drug overdose and they perform this song live at almost every show in his memory.

2. Rain: Breaking Benjamin: This song symbolizes the depression of the person in the song with a dark rain cloud floating over his head. He is also unsure whether he actually loves his girlfriend/wife.

3. Broken: Seether: This song is about dealing with the pain of leaving someone behind. The lead singer wrote it for his newborn daughter who he had to leave behind for a show.

4. Wish You Were Here: Pink Floyd: The song is about the detached feeling most people go through life with. It is a commentary on how people cope with the world by withdrawing physically, mentally, or emotionally. Roger Waters states that the inspiration was Pink Floyd Member Syd Barrett and his ordeal with schizophrenia.

5. Ashes Of Eden: Breaking Benjamin: The lead singer wrote this song for people to interpret their own meaning from it

6. Lost It All: Black Veil Brides: This song is about it being okay to fall down and be sad sometimes.

7. Everything Changes: Staind: This song is about love and loosing someone that is dear to your heart. Aaron Lewis sings with a great deal of emotion about someone who has eft his side.

8. Here Without You: 3 Doors Down:This song is about being away from someone, or missing them, and it doesn’t matter if you’re here without them for all day or all month. Its about being lonely and missing somebody.

9. The Reason: Hoobastank: This song is about a man  being sorry for hurting the person that he loves.

10. Brother: Falling In Reverse: Singer Ronnie Radke wrote this song for his brother who had died in a motorcycle accident.

11. The Light Behind Your Eyes: My Chemical Romance: This song has had many meaning interpreted from it there are at least three meanings that I was able to find 1.The song is from singer Gerard Way to his daughter Bandit 2. The song is a message to fans about the bands breakup 3. The last theory is that it illustrates the mind set of someone struggling with depression and seriously contemplating and ultimately committing suicide.

12. November Rain: Guns n Roses: This song is based on a short story by Del James called Without You

13. I Don’t Love You : My Chemical Romance: This song is about a relationship ending.

14. Cancer: My Chemical Romance: This song is about a patient that is dying of cancer, and it is told from his perspective. The patient in the song is in terrible pain, but his primary concern is how much it hurts to leave behind his loved ones. The lyrics describe symptoms that are typical of a cancer patient, such as hair loss, chapped lips and grogginess that all result from chemotherapy treatment.

15. Friend, Please: Twenty One Pilots: This song is about a friend helping another friend with their  suicidal thoughts and their depressed mind set.


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