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The student voice of Wichita High School South

Mr Hernandez

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Mr. Hernandez is a Zoology teacher who has worked here for 4 years. He enjoys working at Wichita South High because of the diversity that is offered here. He says that other schools don’t have diverse skin colors or background stories within the students and staff. Hernandez says he appreciates that the students of South are not afraid to be themselves in the environment of today and that is important. When asked if he was afraid to start teaching at South he said he wasn’t scared one bit. Coming from Puerto Rico where the students are rougher, South is a piece of cake. He mentioned that students in Puerto Rico try very hard to work their way to the United States.

Mr. Hernandez knew that he wanted to teach when he was in college and formally major in NeuroScience. He was in the middle of a lab when he figured that he better enjoyed teaching the subject instead of furthering his research. Hernandez started his teaching journey in Puerto Rico at the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico then transferred to Wichita State University in the year 2015.

Many students agree that Mr. Hernandez is a great addititon to their schedule. His teaching technics help students better understand the subject, he also teaches his students how to read from college books efficiently but doesn’t rush or leave them alone to complete the task.

Mr. Hernandez says, “The worst that can happen to you is falling on your face, the only thing you can do is get right back up and move forward. Take a leap of faith for yourself.” Mr. Hernandez outside of his classroom 11/26/18



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