Wendell G. Mohling Foundation

Lexi Cameron, Editor

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Last Thursday, during the winter pep assembly, one of our very own science teachers was honored for a very prestigious award.

Jessica Simmons was given the Wendell G. Mohling Award, which is given out once a year to outstanding science teachers across Kansas, along with a $500.00 check in order to go to the National Science Teacher Association Conference in St. Louis.

The foundation was created in honor of Wendell Mohling by his wife Carol Mohling after he passed. She knew how much he appreciated and grew from conventions, and that he also understood the financial obstacle that comes with attending the conferences. It was always his dream to begin a scholarship to make it easier for teachers to further their experience at these conventions, beginning in Kansas and hopefully spreading to other states.

The foundation even began here at South in 2006 with another one of our science teachers, Chitra Harris.

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