Mel Hambelton Ford Teaming Up

Spencer Bosley, Writer

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Students in South high’s automotive technology program got a chance to see some brand-new, top-of-the-line vehicles. Mel Hambelton Ford and Rusty Eck Ford teamed up to make this possible for South High students. One of the multiple vehicles that was brought was a rare Ford GT, which is valued at about $600,000. The students got to check out this car along with some other new trucks and SUV’s.

Mr. Culver’s class with the new car

“Usually our students work on older cars, so to examine ones that are right off the lot is really an incredible opportunity. They are really excited about the GT.” said Darin Culver, auto tech teacher. He also added “this is a great learning experience”.

The automotive classes at South High get you ready for careers in the field. They each multiple things about cars and how to deal with problems. Usually the students work on older vehicles and fix them instead of newer ones. Some of these classes offer college credit, while still offering a great experience.

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