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Thank U, Next Easter Eggs

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Thank U, Next was definitely one of the most anticipated music videos in a long time. It broke many records, such as fastest to reach 10 million views in just over 4 hours, becoming the most watched video within 24 hours, and currently sitting at nearly 130 million views in less than a week. Now you might be wondering, why is this video such a big deal? Well, Ariana tweeted out spoilers in the days leading up to the release and fans started putting together that the video would be a play in four of the most iconic films from the early 2000’s. Consisting of Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, 13 Going on 30, and Bring It On. Here are some Easter eggs and cameos if you missed them!

1. The cameos: In the beginning, it showed a series of people talking about Ariana as the scene goes in Mean Girls about Regina George.  Featuring famous Youtuber and longtime friend of Ari- Colleen Ballinger, Jonathan Bennett who played the actual Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls, artist and friend Troye Sivan, Stefanie Drummond who was in the original Mean Girls as well, and lastly Gabi DeMartino who has been known for seemingly copying Ariana’s look and style.

2.  Legally Blonde Scenes: The video did very well at portraying each movie in the most authentic way, putting much thought and detail into every comparison.  Fitting in the famously known scene containing the “Bend and Snap”, also having yet another cameo: Jennifer Coolidge who was in the original Legally Blonde movie. Of course extravagantly studying in the courtyard with Ariana’s dog Toulouse being the cameo. Lastly, she added the orange vintage laptop to the treadmill scene for emphasis














3.  13 Going on 30 Scene: 13 going on 30 made a very brief appearance but it was totally worth it. Remaking the scene when she comes back right before the wedding to get the dollhouse which people suspect is a jab at her engagement ending. The details in the dollhouse are impressive in themselves.


The 'thank u, next' dollhouse even features paper doll Ariana in the bath like Jenna Rink


4. Bring It On Scenes: Not only did Ari put together her own cheer team, but she also sort of changed the meaning of a couple scenes. Of course the most iconic scene cheering at a football game, even containing an opposing team resembling the one in the movie, The Clovers. She recreated the brushing scene along side her former costar Matt Bennett, yet another cameo. Although instead of receiving a mix-tape from a boy, it is apparent it is from her to her, which makes sense considering the context of the lyrics.


5. Mean Girls Scenes: Cameos, cameos and more cameos. So in the iconic scene of Ariana as Regina George along side her posse, we see Elizabeth Gillies -who is also her former costar- playing as Cady and Jonathan Bennett again. The same group of girls reenact the Jingle Bell Rock scene where Kris Jenner plays the role of her mom encouraging them in the audience.


The idea for the video sparked from the meaning of the song, “…recreating a bunch of my favorite scenes from classic, girly early 2000’s, 90’s movies that have shaped and molded so many of us into the strong and intelligent- but still playful and girly women that we are today.” She said in a behind the scenes interview.

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