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Fashion in the Youtube community

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Fashion Youtubers

There are a lot of fashion youtubers now because more and more people are getting into things like fashion. People see fashion as a way to express themselves and show their personalities through their clothes and style. 


PAQ is a fashion YouTube channel that is made up of four guys from England that release videos every Thursday. Elias is the boy in the group that isn’t afraid of taking risks with his clothing and likes his classic Air Force 1s and a lot of color. Elias also enjoys the more expensive clothing brands, patterns and textures. Shaq is the one in the group that likes changing it up a lot, he tries almost every style but his signature is to style Dungarees (overalls) and Berets. Dex is more of the Goth type. He has 2 very obvious favorite colors black and red, every challenge they’ve done Dex usually includes some kind of black piece and lots of chains. Last but not least Danny, he is the only one from northern England and has a very classic dressy school boy look to him. He loves his Doc martins and sweaters and overall dressed up looks.


The creators of PAQ are called KYRA tv, they created an internet show very similar to paq but rather it being 4 guys it’s four girls. There’s Angel, Jazmine, Faith, and Esme witch I think is the most like Elias . The girls of NAYVA are very similar to the guys of PAQ. They have challenges every week just like PAQ and they are also very creative. The girls of NAYVA take very big fashion risks in their videos by mixing and matching colors, patterns, and brands.

Jesse and Devon

The next fashion YouTuber I’m going to be talking about has a similar fashion sense to the girls of NAYVA her name is Devon Carlson and she’s 24 years old and has a sister that is also into fashion named Sydney. Devon owns a phone case company named Wildflower Cases which really reflects her personality and fashion. She has a boyfriend that is also a very big fashion icon named Jesse Rutherford who is the lead singer of the band named the Neighbourhood. They dress very much alike and they even share clothes.


Internet girl is a fashion YouTuber that really focuses on older goth grunge and y2k looks. IGirl has a depot account where she would put together outfits based on your style. She includes a full outfit jewelry and even sometimes shoes. On her youtube channel it shows the way she went from not very well known to moving to California and early working on her image and business. IGirl wasn’t born with the name Igirl, her real name is Bella and she used to live in Winnipeg. Most of Bella’s designs are edgy and goth inspired.

Rachel Cantu

Rachel Cantu is more of a makeup guru but she does make some clothing videos she has more of a trendy basic girl style very Emma Chamberlain or Color inspired. She did a video where she matched all of her outfits that week to the eyeshadow she was wearing. Rachel Cantu also has a sister name Anna she’s older also makes youtube videos kinda like Rachel.


Steal the spotlight is a youtuber that does a lot of count down outfit idea videos and she even does some for holidays and the times of the year. She also does room decor and all of the classic beauty guru videos.

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