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Nail Trends And What Are The Facts To Know?

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Acrylics nails are the latest trend recently with all the celebrities wearing them like the Kardashians or many beauty Gurus on YouTube that a lot of people watch and get inspiration from. While some really enjoy the look of them and gives them an extra boost of confidence, many don’t like them for the impracticability or the damage they cause your natural nail after the acrylic is removed. With any Nail enhancement it all comes down to how it is removed, and if it is done properly it will cause less damage to your natural nail. However there are other alternatives for nail enhancement that can be less abrasive but still give the same affect.

Medium length mauve-brown coffin shaped nails

Acrylic Nails

First on the list is acrylic which is the most popular nail trend at the moment. The first thing your nail tech will do is use their electric nail file and go over your nail to give the acrylic a surface suitable to attach to. Then they will either use plastic tips as the base to give the extra length for the Acrylic or use forms that the nail tech can build and shape the acrylic by themselves on the applicator without the use of the tips. However most nail technicians do not use forms because they take extra time to file the acrylic down to the right shape. Then after they apply the plastic tips, they will put a drop of nail primer on each nail before laying the acrylic.Then they will apply and shape the acrylic powder with the acrylic liquid that allows the material to harden. After they will file with a drill to give the final result before they paint the acrylic. A person can get their nails painted with regular nail polish or a longer lasting alternative is shellac polish. Shellac applys just like regular nail polish but is cured with a LED light that hardens it for a longer lasting option. Typically shellac will cost extra on your final price, but the results are worth it if you have a hands on job or are rough with your hands like gardening or doing a lot of dishes. The Average cost for Acrylic nails can be around $20-40 depending on where you go and when you go back 2-3 weeks to get them filed it will be less expensive then the initial cost. When removed your nails will be weaker due to the filing of the nail bed, but if you use some cuticle oil it will help.

Glossy Acrylic nails with pink sparkles.
The different types of methods to apply acrylic.

Dip Powder

Light pink Dip Nails.

With dip powder your Nail tech will use a base coat and a sealant for the colorful powder that will stick to your nail. Dip Powder is named after how you apply the product on the nail, and for how easy it is to apply the product. Dip lasts About 3-4 weeks but your nail will grow and will need to get reapplied depending on the rate of your nail growth. This style of nail can cost more than regular nail polish or even acrylics because of the powder they use. If you wish to remove your dip manicure you can use acetone to remove it, but it will take longer than regular nail polish because it adheres much stronger to the nail. When getting a dip powder manicure always make sure your nail tech applies the product in a hygienic manner. They should not dip your nails in a communal pot of dip powder because this can lead to infections.


Multi pink colored dip manicure.

Shellac/Gel Manicure

Gel and shellac are very similar they can both be applied on natural or acrylic nails and they last longer than regular nail polish. Shellac and Gel applies like regular nail polish but has a longer wear time and gives your nails a more polished clean look. the two materials are both cured by a light that sets the product to give a glossy finish. Both of these can last two to three weeks and you can remove shellac at home with nail polish remover. however with gel you need to have your nail technician remove it with an electric file and wipe the remaining powder away with acetone free remover.

Black and Gold striped Acrylic nails.
Deep maroon medium length acrylic nails.
Red coffin acrylic nails.



















Nail polish

Nail polish is the simplest form of painting your nails, anyone can do it and it is easily removed. From young to old it is the simplest method and can look good if you have a steady hand and patience to let the polish dry. Basic Nail polish doesn’t damage your nail at all and it is really cheap method compared to all the others mentioned before.






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