New Season Of Stranger Things

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New Season Of Stranger Things

Angelina Smith, Reporter

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Release Date Poster

To start off the new year Netflix released a video and poster to announce the release date of the new season of Stranger Things. The video featured distorted computer screens and clips from Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve 1985, the ending of the video showed the release date of the new season.  There are a variety of theories on the internet about what might happen in the new season. Such things like Is Kali(008) going to come back? What will the Mind Flayer do next and is it truly gone? What is the Upside Down? What monster will come out of the Upside Down next? Will the party get divided? These theories can only be answered on July 4th but people still like to come up with theories about the new season. In the poster it shows Will, Mike, Max, Eleven, Dustin, and Lucas watching a fireworks show presumably on the 4th of July. Max, Lucas, and Dustin are facing the cliff watching the fireworks and Eleven and Will are facing the other direction looking at what appears to be another monster from the upside down. Mike is looking at Eleven with concern and he is holding her hand. By looking at the poster one can tell that something big is going to happen when some of the others least expect it. Two teaser videos have been released one at the Starcourt Mall, the other showing the entrance theme with what might be episode titles some more ominous than others.

Episode Titles From Video

1. “Suzie Do You Copy?”
2. “The Mallrats”
3. “The Case Of The Missing Lifeguard”
4. “The Sauna Test”
5. “The Source”
6. “The Birthday”
7. ” The Bite”
8. “The Battle Of Starcourt”

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