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Underrated Bands #5: AJR

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AJR's logo

AJR (left to right): Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met

AJR is an American indie pop trio consisting of brothers Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met. The group was formed in 2005 in Manhattan, New New York. The trio started performing in 2006, usually just street performing in Central Park and Washington Square Park. The group used to perform covers but now perform original music. The group started gaining recognition in Spring 2013 when Ryan tweeted a link to the band’s debut single entitled “I’m Ready” to many celebrities, including the Australian singer known as Sia. Sia then contacted her manager who then contacted Steve Greenberg (founder of S-Curve Records and former president of Columbia Records). Greenberg then became the co-manager for AJR.

Cover art for the “I’m Ready” EP

“I’m Ready” became commercially available in August 2013 with the music video becoming available on VEVO in October 2013. AJR released their debut EP entitled “6foot1” (later renamed to “I’m Ready”) in December 2013. iHeartRadio declared AJR “Artist of the Month” for Top 40 in January 2014. “I’m Ready” (single) hit #1 on Next Big Sound’s chart in May 2014. “I’m Ready” has been certified Platinum in Canada and Australia.

Cover art for AJR’s debut album, “Living Room”

AJR released their second EP entitled “Infinity” in September 2014. The band was meaning to release their debut album entitled “Living Room” but instead released their EP due to them wanting to add newer material to their album. “Living Room” was eventually released in March 2015. The band released their third EP entitled “What Everyone’s Thinking” in September 2016. The EP featured the track entitled “Weak.” “Weak” was certified Platinum in the U.S., Canada, Norway, Netherlands, and Belgium; it was also certified Gold in Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Australia. The track has received over 320 million streams on Spotify.

Cover art for “The Click (Deluxe Edition)”

AJR released their second album entitled “The Click” in June 2017. The album features tracks like the aforementioned “Weak” and other tracks such as “Drama,” “Sober Up” (which features Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo), and “Netflix Trip.” An extended version of “The Click” (branded as “The Click (Deluxe Edition)” was released in September 2018. This extended release included four new tracks: “Normal,” “Role Models,” “Burn The House Down,” and an acoustic version of “Pretender” (a track originally performed by Steve Aoki that AJR had provided vocals for). The band is expected to be releasing a new album in early 2019.

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