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Bringing food into the school

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   School Lunch

On Friday, January 4th, South made it a new policy that students should not be let in class with food after the 10-minute bell has rung. So at 11:25 students should already be inside and heading to class. If you enter the building with food in your hand, then you will be sent to the front foyer to finish your food and you will also be given lunch detention if you are late to class. This policy was made so that we can prevent any pest outbreaks happening in the school, but as long as the students are responsible, shouldn’t they be able to bring their lunch inside considering the amount of time they receive for lunch? Students have strong feelings against the fact that they are no longer allowed to bring food in. Recently the school has also provided late breakfast in the hallways for those who are hungry after 1st and/or 2nd hour. Is this not the same a bringing food in?

Some students have been losing class time because they are not allowed to enter with their food. Many students have decided not to even wait to be let inside with their food and have gone home after lunch because they were being forced to throw the food away. That is wasting time and money. In the hall, you can see students in the front foyer complaining about having to throw their food away just to be able to get to class on time. But what do others say about this?


Dajah Abasolo has an opinion about his topic, she thinks that this rule is unnecessary but she also understands the school’s problem with food in the school. Dajah recommends that students should just be more responsible and that the whole school should not “suffer” because of this. Some teachers were allowing students to have food in their classrooms but now they are limited to small snacks. Maybe in later years, the school will allow the future juniors and seniors to bring their food in but for now, we are limited to the door.


On the bright side of this story, South is starting a two week Trial run of “Late lunch or Super Snack” during our passing period at 12:55. If you were not able to finish eating on time or did not eat at all, the school is providing late lunch. So if students spend their lunch time in Pass the Class for tutoring or even just to finish their homework they still have the opportunity to eat at a later time. Food carts are located throughout the school. You can find them near the old gym, in front of the school near the Titan logo and one outside of the cafeteria. Keep in mind that if you had lunch at the normal period and you want a second lunch — you will need to pay $ 3.60

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