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South High: Girls Basketball Team

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Coach Clark in all his coaching glory

Coach Clark’s responsibilities of being a coach is to keep the girls grades up, organize practice plans, game films, and delegate fellowships. Coach Williams is there to help guide the players so they’re successful on court and also in life. As a basketball coach you also act as a life coach. Responsibilities of being a coach is to keep the girls grades up and thoroughly prepare them for their games.

Coach Clark is motivated to keep going when the team loses a game by teaching resolve, so the girls don’t give up so easily.  Coach Williams is motivated by seeing the girls improve their skills and seeing hem work together.

Coach Clark chose to coach basketball because  it was a dream come true for him; he’s even applied many times before and this year got accepted. He was a basketball coach for 20 years, 19 years of it was at a middle school level. In 2006 he was at NH as an assistant coach. Coach Williams chose to be a baseball coach was because she couldn’t play basketball anymore and wanted to still be involved in basketball.

Some important qualities to have as a coach is to have patience, knowledge of the sport you’re coaching, the ability to teach and the passion and love for the game as Coach Williams says. Coach Clark says that you need patience, have to be a good listener, be empathetic, have high expectations, and excessive communication. You must be able to understand one another or at least try to understand.

Coach Clark’s favorite part about coaching is developing life long relationships, understanding that this is more than just basketball and that their success is his. Coach Williams’ is watching the way the team bonds over time.

Overall for basketball, Coach Clark and Coach Williams think that good sportsmanship, the attitude of players, willing to always learn, be a family and get along, learn to understand each others differences and be accepting of others needs to be worked on in basketball.

Coach Williams wants to challenge herself to keep things interesting. Change her motivating skills, instruct the girls and hone her patience skills.

South High Girl’s Varsity basketball team

Coach Clark is so proud of you girls!!



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