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Memories made in our school

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Wichita South High School

High school is one of the most influential times in a person’s life. It paves the way for your future and you create memories that you will remember for the rest of your life. Some of your memories you will remember for the rest of your life others not so much but here are some of our students’ best and worst memories here at South High.

Lina Hernandez
Lina Hernandez (junior) best memory at south was of her first love who she met in the hallway freshman year, she was staring at him in the hallway and earlier that day she put a strawberry leaf of his shoulder because she was too shy to actually talk to him and he gave her a weird look then walked off. Later the boy went back and told her his name she was very nervous “I was freaking out” she said during the interview. He then went on to tell her he had liked her for months and proceeded to ask for her
snapchat. Lina’s worst memory was also in her freshman year when she was in her science class on her way back to her seat and fell then landed on her face and screamed really loud she said it was probably her most embarrassing memory.
Brian Sawyer
Brian Sawyer (junior) only has a best memory from South in his sophomore year. It was his friends encouraged him to get up in front of the whole school during the second pep assembly and dance.
Kelly Aguayo
Kelly Aguayo (junior) best memory was the student leadership lock-in sophomore because it was really fun and she got to spend time with her friends playing games, planning things, and team building. Kelly’s worst memory was also sophomore when this girl danced nearly every day during lunch.
Edwardo Aguero
Edwardo Aguero (senior) only has a worst memory from south high and that was his first day of freshman year because he was very nervous and scared. He said everything was so new and he easily got lost.
Alayna Gutierrez
Alayna Gutierrez (senior) best memory was joining the spirit squad sophomore year. Alayna’s worst is physics senior year “physics was something that challenged and pushed me and wasn’t as prepared as I should have been”
Trenton Carter
Trenton Carter (sophomore) best memory washing with friends and good communication. His worst was the teachers and mean people “I don’t like mean people”
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis (junior) best was the pep rallies and his worst was history “C5 more like C cry”
Jordan Briggans
Jordan Briggans (sophomore) best memory was Turkey ball this year and her worst was when she hit her head in the pool.
Kayliona Davis
Kayliona Davis (sophomore) best was getting involved with student leadership and young life and the lock-in last year. Her worst was her grades slipping sometimes.
Jada Mcvbay
Jada Mcvbay (sophomore) best was being involved in theatre and meeting her boyfriend. Jada’s worst was when she auditioned for her first musical. “it was awful”

Nicki Culp (freshman) best memory was the pep rallies and her worst is during the passing periods like how crowded it is and all of the fights

Olivia Deiter

Olivia Deiter (senior) best was the Chicago trip for journalism this year. Olivia’s worst memory was her sophomore year finals and fighting with her boyfriend.

Klaryssa Miller (freshman) her best memory was being on the cheer team but her worst was when everyone left the cheer team and they had 4 people on the team by the end of the year. “The cheer team went to trash”

Elizabeth Bedoy (freshman) best memory was at a football game and it was raining so marching band just stayed inside and listened to music. Her worst was the first band and orchestra thing and she was her section leader a girl didn’t show up, no-one had their music and she was the only one that played.

Dianna Velasco
Dianna Velasco (junior) her best was getting involved in clubs and marching band. Dianna’s worst was walking into the e hall bathroom and there was a couple making out on the side of the sinks and they continued as she did her business and they were still going when she left.
Mariana Ramirez and Galilea Nuñez-Esparza
Mariana Ramirez and Galilea Nuñez-Esparza (juniors) share their best memory and that was going to the zoo during senior jip day even when they weren’t seniors. Marianas worst memory was when ms.Mariani got in her face for her phone screaming and arguing.

Miriam Ramos (senior) best memory was eating a brownie before class and aquatics. Her worst memory was AP bio

Christian Goss
Christian Goss (freshman) his best memory from this year so far was “capping on people” his worst was the first day of school.
Cristian Ochoa
Cristian Ochoa (freshman) best so far is bellyflopping into the pool for extra credit. Cristian’s worst memory was finding a weird picture of photoshop.
Mikayla Lopez
Mikayla Lopez (senior) her best memory was meeting all of her new friends and watching all of them grow and blossom, she says that it was the best thing ever. “I know I say that like they’re my children but they hold most of my secrets and everything, they’re so talented and smart.”
Kadyn Kingsland

Kadyn Kingsland (senior) her best memory is going to TSA state competition every year with Mr. Welch every year and . Her worst is math.

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