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The White Rhino extinction

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The world has graced us with amazing animals over time and we also have lost a lot of amazing animals, sadly the white rhino had been one. The white rhino has walked this planet since 1895. The white rhino is the second biggest land mammal. Their name comes from Afrikaans a West Germanic language. Armed guards protected the last white rhino for 24 hours every day and night.

The last male northern white rhino (Sudan) died in March of 2018. Sudan died at the age of 45 years old.¬†Researchers were able to save some of Sudan’s genetic material in the hopes of successfully artificially inseminating one of the two females left. Experts will also retrieve eggs from the last two northern white rhino females in Kenya. That researchers are able to somehow breed new white rhinos.

So many of the white rhinos went extinct because their horns were cut off, they were killed for their skin, for food and were even put into zoos, they died in the zoo. Sudan was being treated for degenerative changes in his muscles and bones, combined with extensive skin wounds his wounds got to infected he had given up walking and died in his sleep.

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