Sun. Jun 13th, 2021

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ACT Day!

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For the first time, Kansas public schools did an ACT day in all high schools. The Junior class got to take the ACT test for free along with the Seniors who have not previously taken it. This is nice because any students who did not have a free Saturday or money to take it, got a school day to take the test at school during school hours. It began at 8 am and continued till the tests are done which was around 12.

The seniors who have taken the ACT got to go to a college and career talk with the CCC teacher, Ms.Bell and Aviation speakers. The seniors got to play games, prepare their resumes and have job prep. Textron came and talked to seniors about possible career paths and internships. They explained what they did for Textron and how they got there. Even the seniors who were not interested in aviation got to update their resume and got tips for interviews. Seniors who did the best got prizes such as shirts and smaller things and even a chance to win an iPad or a free plane ride.

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