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The amount of time teens spend on technology

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Teens spend about one-third of the day on their phones, kids between the age of 8-12 spend about 4-8 hours on this phone, kids between the age of 12-18 spend about 8-13 hours on their phones. Cellphones and technology 15% more kids are failing in school.

Teens spend about 4-6 hours on video games each night. In 2016 only 10% of kids would pick technology as their favorite thing to do. Today 60% of teens pick technology as their favorite thing to do. the technology rate went up by 50%.

Only one third of students in high school read books, the other students read on their phones or on some  type of technology. Since 2016 teens reading levels have went down by 35%. Teens social skills have went down by 42%.

Teens communicate more by social media and video games then in real life or in person. Teens resoponsive levels have been going down year by year. Teachers try and take teens phones away so there grades go up and they foucas more on there studies in schools.


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