Literacy Champions Program

Olivia Deiter, Assistant Editor

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The Literacy Champions Program is held at Enterprise Elementary School every year.  Literacy for Learning, Living, and Leading (L4) is the state’s system revolving around improving student outcomes for reading. Literacy Champions is an innovative approach to encourage combined engagements of students, families, teachers, and communities in literacy-rich activities.

The goal is to empower students to discover and increase their leadership skills. It prepares them for team situations and allows them to understand their role in a team environment.

Wichita South High School had 16 students enter into the program.

  1. Ashleigh Carter
  2. Cynthia Miranda
  3. Gabriel Carter
  4. Gwen Geisler
  5. Jewel Martindale
  6. Jonathon McManus
  7. Kianna Davis
  8. Launa Towne
  9. Lauren Baggs
  10. Lyric Darrah
  11. Mayra Vargas
  12. Nancy Thach
  13. Perla Rodriguez
  14. Skylie Calderon
  15. Sydney Nelson
  16. Vincent Ransom

You can do many different activities when you are a literacy champion.

  • Host a book club
  • Create a community of reading by hosting Read-Aloud Conferences
  • Host Literacy Showcases and/or Literacy Days
  • Engage the student body in conversations about literary works
  • Host Literacy Think Tanks
  • Develop a Literacy Blog
  • Research sponsor-funded field trips related to literacy, afterschool literacy programs, and on-site visits of authors and/or orators
  • Take students on Virtual Field Trips

What happens during the literacy program?

The classrooms are filled with students and they are given breakfast and they discuss the days agenda. They are asked to gather into groups and they are asked to discuss a certain topic. After that one person from each group shares the thoughts and ideas of the group. They are then sat down and shown a presentation of the myths and facts of the topic. They must take the information given to them and create their own presentation and then they are all shared at the end of the day.

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