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New Young Adult Books of March

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This Month There are a lot of exciting releases especially if you are a Romance novel enthusiast. There is a mix of tragic and happy love stories to choose from when you are trying to find your next book to read. Whether you are looking for a good tear jerker or a happy ending book below are a few options to choose from. However if none of these suits your fancy, you can go to Goodreads.com and find some other Young Adult titles that could sound more interesting. You can Find any of these books on Amazon or Barnes and Noble when they are released this month.









In Another Life by C.C. Hunter

Chloe had been adopted at age 3 and has had a great life with loving parents. Now 14 years later, her parents are getting a divorce and Chloe and her mother are moving to Texas. Now starting at a new school she is the new girl and she is having deja vu of her childhood before she was adopted. When Chloe meets Cash Colton she relates to him on a different level, and he is trying to figure out if she is the long lost daughter of his foster parents that they gave up a long time ago. As they investigate her adoption things are not adding up and secrets are being revealed.


Fear of Missing Out

Everyone is afraid of missing out on life events that can change your life or just be a fun time that nobody would want to miss. When Astrid finds out there is a rumor of a technology that could freeze her body till they find a cure for her cancer. Astrid is willing to find out if it is true so Astrid, her boyfriend Mohit, and her best friend Chloe go on a road trip to find out if it is true in order to not miss out on life. Will Astrid find what she is looking for or will she miss out on life?






Cold Day in the Sun by Sara Biren

Holland Delviss is a talented hockey player, however, all people see is that she is a girl hockey player. When Holland’s school is selected to play at a televised Hockeyfest competition, she is the leading story because she is the only girl on an all boy hockey team. Not everyone is supportive of her role in the hockey team, but the one person who Holland wouldn’t expect to be is Wes her bossy team captain. With Holland trying not to fall for Wes it’s a lot harder than she expected with how supportive he is of her.





The Next to Last Mistake by Amalie Jahn

Tess Goodwin lives in Iowa and she is happy there with her best friend Zander playing chest all day. She lives a sheltered life that isn’t complicated she fits in with everyone everything is going smoothly. Until her father re-enlists in the Army and moves to North Carolina which is way out of her comfort zone. Tess moves through this change of life as she would in chess, calculated and always thinking about the next step to take. With the Help of Zander from halfway across the country, she is trying to fit into her new school while also working about her dad being deployed to the Middle East. When Leonetta Jackson is assigned as Tess’ mentor Tess hopes she will be able to help her fit in more.






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