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Top 5 High End and Drugstore Makeup Brands

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When it comes to makeup, it’s easy to say that many adore the seemingly timeless way to enhance your style. Some may have done their makeup for years, and some may just be starting out. Many people have no issue in buying new products for their favorite brands, no matter what the cost is. However, not everyone can afford to break the bank for the more expensive brands of cosmetics. Luckily for them, even the drugstore brands of makeup can measure up to the big brands. Many brands have an extensive rage of products that are bound to fit anyone’s skin color, skin type or any kind of unique characteristic and make the best part of them stand out. One of the biggest lessons to learn when getting into beauty is that the price of a product does not equate to its quality. Many luxury brands have products that are complete duds. Many drugstore brands have products that can compete with the absolute best high end products. Whether its mascara, contour, foundation or highlight, these brands are not only the most reputable, but also have consistent high quality makeup products. ┬áThis list of brands will be in no particular order, and will alternate between high end and drugstore brands.

Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit has an extensive range of products with rave reviews. The Porefessional, Roller Lash and Gimme Brow lines are well praised throughout the beauty community. Despite not labeling themselves as cruelty-free, they have confirmed that they do not test on animals and want to remain as transparent as possible on the situation.


Founded in 1915, Maybelline is a brand that has been around for decades. Their most well-known product is their Great Lash mascara, which allegedly sells at a rate of one tube per 1.7 seconds. However, the fantastic products do not stop there. From Baby Lips to Master Fix setting powder, not a single product of theirs costs over $10. They even have now come in a partnership with many Microblading London brands, and are expanding their business’ gamut.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Born in Romania, Anastasia Soare immigrated to the US where she launched her cosmetics brand, where she received massive success. Modern Renaissance is an eyeshadow palette that is a staple in many makeup enthusiast’s collection. She has also created many amazing highlighting palettes, and Modern Renaissance isn’t the only eyeshadow palette that has been a massive hit. If there’s ever a high end brand you want to support, ABH should be one of the first to check out.


Milani takes high end makeup quality and brings it to common retail stores. The brands low costing products are surprising considering how well the products work. Even buying a handful of products might not even add up to $20! Their foundation and eye primer are fantastic products that won’t steal all of your money.

Urban Decay

Beyond creating amazing products, UD also supports an amazing cause. Urban Decay has consistently advocated for women’s rights for years. They have donated about 2 million dollars to Ultraviolet Edge, which supports several organizations. The Naked collection of products is well-known throughout the entire beauty community and loved by many consumers.

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