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The struggles of Teen pregnancy

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Teen pregnancy is very common now day. In ¬†2018-2019 194,377 amount of babies were born to women aged 15-19-year-olds. Birth rates of 18.8% of 1,000 women pregnancy fail due to stress from parents, relatives or even school. The main reasons for teen pregnancy are mostly young females didn’t have the right education growing up, sexual violence, families/relatives push for marriage in young age or sometimes even peer pressure also rely on engagement or sexual activity.

Teen pregnancy can affect a teenager in so many ways. some ways a teen can be affected by being pregnant they have a higher rate of postpartum depression rate. Also, have higher suicidal ideation then teen who aren’t mothers. Teen moms can also have increased mental health concerns.

Lots of teen moms around the ages of 17-19 are also most likely to get an abortion. About 60% of teens that fall pregnant get an abortion because they are either sexually abused, their parents force them to, school and many other reasons. Being pregnant at such a young age can mess up your feature in so many ways. It could also be a blessing in so many ways also.

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