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Goodbye Jordan Brown

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On April 23rd the band and orchestra students received very sad news, their band and orchestra director Jordan Brown would not be returning for the next school year. Brown has been a director at South for the past seven years. He has made a lasting impact on all of his students and his legacy will live on. Brown received news that his former high school band director, at Goddard Eisenhower High School, was retiring and she told him that she wanted him to take her place and he agreed.

He will be teaching in the same district that he lives in and the same district that his children go to school in. Brown has brought success to the South High instrumental music program, he turned the band from a very little number to 160 in a matter of seven years. Brown made band what it is and he is the reason why so many of his past students have been successful and why some of his students want to go into the music department to do great things like he has done. One example of said students is Andres Saenz, when he graduates he is going to Wichita State to major in Music Education he said in a news interview.

“My high school band director really helped me create a drive to want to direct bands, just seeing how he’s developed the program over the years, it really inspired me. It’s something that I want to do.”

When Brown told the band, I looked around the room to see if I was the only person about to cry but I saw a lot of people breaking down crying and in tears. Some seniors had predicted that he might tell everyone that he was leaving. The seniors are relieved that it’s their last year so they wont have to deal with him not being at South next year. As a junior it is going to be tough having to walk into the band room and not see Brown. He is really the only reason some students actually like band.

In my honest opinion I believe that without Brown the band program would not be what it is today, without Brown we probably would be stuck with the same old uniforms, and without Brown I wouldn’t have wanted to stay in band as I probably would have felt that playing the clarinet wasn’t worth my time and effort. I am happy that I have had Brown as my band teacher for as long as I have and I hope that he brings success to the next band he teaches. I hope that he makes an excellent band program for his kids, and I hope that Brown will have an amazing life because we only get one and I am happy that I got to meet him in this one.

Once A Titan, Always A Titan.

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