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After by Ann Todd Book vs Movie

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Anna Todd is the author of the After series which is based on Tessa Young and Hardin Scott’s budding romance, and  the Nothing More series which is based on Landon Gibson who is Hardin’s Step brother in After. Todd’s stories consist of life situations, first loves, and the struggles along the way.







Todd started off being known as Imaginator1D on Wattpad which is a FanFiction app where you can write stories and read millions of other stories by ordinary people who like to express themselves through a story. You can find every type of theme you could possibly want in the fiction world of story telling through Wattpad. Todd based her story off of One Direction’s member Harry Styles but later when it was published because of the millions of views it received, it became its own story that has millions of fans who supported her and team Hessa. This led to Todd getting the books published and later getting the first book turned into a movie this year in April. The movie had a 14 million dollar budget and world wide made over $48 million  and a little over $11 million was in the United States alone.

The movie came out on April 12 and received mixed reviews on the story line. Many people liked it but the critics where not as forgiving towards the reviews they gave. The fans liked the movie because they got to see Hardin and Tessa in real life even though it was not spot on to the book’s story line.

The book had a lot of detail about the relationship between Hessa but the movie lost a little bit of the essence of who Hardin and Tessa are as a couple and also how they are as individuals. In the movie Hardin Scott is played by Hero Fiennes-Tiffin and Tessa Young is played by Josephine Langford.

Josephine Langford
Hero Fiennes-Tiffin










The movie had many sweet moments of the Two that originated from the book that made the movie special and very heart felt. They were able to portray the softer side of Hardin when he is around Tessa and proves that he can be a good person for Tessa even though he is not used to being kind to anyone before. However after meeting Tessa everything changed for Hardin even though his friends are trying to push him back to his old self who didn’t care about anybody. Also the movie didn’t explain Hardin’s past in as much detail as the book which leaves out some explanation for Hardin’s behavior and attitude towards life and the people surrounding him. These scenes missing from the movie lead you to think Hardin is a terrible person until you get to see him more through out the film.

The book revealed more detail about the conflict between Tessa and Hardin and the betrayal that takes course in their relationship. In the book Tessa is going to college at WCU and when she arrives with her mother and boy friend Noah they meet her room mate Steph who immediately makes Tessa’s mother want her to switch rooms because of Steph’s edgy behavior and clothing style. However she convinces her mother that she will be fine and stays in the same dorm room. As Tessa navigates college she get to know Steph and her friends especially Hardin who gets Tessa out of her comfort zone. Hardin tries to capture Tessa’s attention but they end up bickering back and forth between one another anytime they get close. There is clearly an attraction between the two but with the odds against them it is harder for them to come together with their polar opposite life styles and personalities. Through the struggle of their friends and ex-boyfriend’s disapproval of Tessa and Hardin’s relationship and Tessa’s mom not supporting the relationship, it causes more stress and tension between Hardin and Tessa that they must try to overcome in order to be happy with one another. Will they over come their differences and the weight of everyone’s disapproval to be together or will they end it all even though they want to stay together?

Even though the movie lacked a little bit of the book’s feeling it was still a nice alternative to be able to witness the characters in real life and not just in readers’ imaginations. Both the book and movie left the readers and viewers with emotional feelings towards the story, the relationship between Tessa and Hardin, and the way they interact with one another and the people around them.


Tessa first meeting Hardin.
Tessa with Hardin at the apartment










Tessa and Hardin at the Wedding










Cast members of After
Hero Fiennes-Tiffin and Josephine Langford














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