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Is there really an off-season?

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South Lady Titans at one of the team conditionings

Is there really an off-season?

As a South High teammate, player, and athlete, we are expected to grow and support each other as a family, whether if it is off-season or not. We are always doing team building or training. For example, our basketball team, us basketball players are always communicating through the Remind app, group chats, or we have meetings during Titan Time. The basketball coaches, who consist of Coach K and Coach Clark are always planning fun events to do outside of school for team building. Team building is an AVID strategy that allows us to have fun and get to know each other at the same time. We have summer and fall conditioning. Conditioning allows us to become stronger and have a better knowledge of the sport. Conditioning is made up of drills, scrimmages, and fun end-of-practice games. We not only focus on athletics, but also academics. We are a family because we have grown together, lost together, and won together. We have trust for one another and we prepare each other for not only the games we play but for the future.

I had the chance to interview a player, Unyty Rivera and the two coaches, Coach K and Coach Clark.

According to Coach K, the off-season can be even more important than the regular season at times.

Interview with Coach K:

I asked asked her a few questions like: “As a team, have we shown progress?”, “What made you want to coach, especially for South?”, “How have the players affected you?”, and “How are we a family?”. Her responses were, “Yes, all we have ever shown was progress and growth, we know each other for one and second, we trust each other more. When you trust someone, you know they will always be there for you. I’ve always had a love for basketball and South High has a tradition and legacy I want to continue, that’s why I became a coach for South. The players affected me in many ways, they have helped me gain a better understanding and you guys have taught me to be less strict and become more flexible. And finally, we are a family because we value our relationships with one another.”

Interview with Unyty Rivera:

I asked Unyty a few questions such as: “How has pre-season conditioning helped?”, “How have the coaches played a role in your growth?”, “What made you want to play?”, “Has your knowledge of the sport grown and if so, how?”, “Do you like when the coaches do events outside of school and if so, why?”, and finally, “Where do you plan to take your athletic career?”. She responded with, “Pre-season conditioning has helped me a lot, I have grown physically and I’ve gained more accuracy. The coaches have played a big role for me in high school; they have encouraged me to keep going and never stop even when I wanted to give up. I wanted to play because of the recognition South gets. My knowledge of the sport became much better, I have better eye coordination, and I am more aware when I’m in the court. I enjoy when the coaches throw parties and certain events outside of school because it helped us with team bonding. I plan to continue playing basketball for the rest of high school and we’ll see what college has to offer me.”

Interview with Coach Clark:

I asked him a few questions consisting of: “As a team, have we shown progress?”, “What made you want to coach?”, “How has the team affected you?”, “What makes our girls basketball team different from any other team?”, and finally, “What makes the Lady Titans a family?” His responses were, “We’ve made a lot of progress, we’ve strived since I’ve transferred and the girls are understanding the importance of the training a commitment. It’s been a life-long dream for me to coach varsity basketball since I’ve gotten into the education industry. You girls have affected me by always having me think of the welfare of you guys, it almost feels like being a parent. We are a family because we always have our sisters’ backs. We care about each other based on who we are and not what we have. We are different because we have accountability; we make our academics our number one priority. We allow players to skip practice if they attend a tutor sesh to make sure they are successful in school.

Off season can be more important than the actual season itself at times. Coaches advise you attend to become a better student athlete. They also recommend you play as many sports and stay active, play up and train.

Brittanie Brickhouse is a prime example of a student athlete. She took time to spend with the freshman to show the importance of sisterhood and the importance of a team. She always was good with her academics and she always played a big role in the team. She was a great team captain and was someone the players could look up to. She was always the first one in the gym and the last one to leave. She showed commitment and effort.

Team goals: Win GPA challenge, finish top three in city league, have seniors get offers, and to also enlarge the Lady Titan family.

South Lady Titans at one of the team conditionings


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