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seniors feelings about last year of high school

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I interviewed a few seniors to hear their feelings and emotions about 2019-2020 being their last year of high school. Some were very excited but others not so much. The point of this article is to have a glimpse of what the seniors are going through and the stress level of grades, college, relationships, leaving the state, or anything that relates to senior year. Some seniors feel that the past four years went by very fast and others might feel it didn’t go by quick enough.

I’ve interviewed some seniors to hear their actual personal response to the questions about their feelings. Some of the answers are very interesting and good to keep in mind, others are just simple and might just sum up everything.


My first interview was with Malik Story.

Malik Story

Interviewer- what are your feelings and thoughts towards this being your last year of high school?

Malik- I feel very excited and scared at the same time.

Interviewer- why are you scared?

Malik- because now that I’m almost out of high school I’m gonna have to actually live life now and start my career.

Interviewer- is there anything you regret the past four years of your high school experience?

Malik- no, not really because I lived it exactly how I wanted to.

Interviewer- so if you can give any advice to a soon to be freshman, what would you tell them?

Malik- I would tell them to really get involved in sports or clubs, I also would tell them to not slack and that freshman year actually plays a big roll in your high school life, and to remember that what you do now will affect you in the future.

Interviewer- what are you most looking forward to this school year?

Malik- graduation.


My second interview was with Brian Sawyer.

Interviewer- how do you feel about this being your last year of high school?

Brian- it’s kind of sad because I love South High, and its really where my home is and I just hope to make this the best last year that I could because, I am a great person, not to be too confident or anything but I hope that I can leave a legacy for everybody else to fill in my shoes.

Interviewer-what advice would you give to an upcoming freshman?

Brian- Do not play around because freshman year really does matter, especially if you can just get good grades so that you can set a good foundation just to rise off of, because your senior year should be pretty laid back, but if you could really just get a good start you won’t have to stress as much as most people do.

Interviewer- what grade was hard for you?

Brian- junior year, that was where I had my AP classes and thats literally the year where I cried because of my classes, and I’m not ashamed to admit that.

Interviewer- if you could turn back time to a memory in high school, where would you go?

Brian- the memory I would go to is my sophomore year because I was dared by my friend to go on the gym floor during a pep assembly and dance, I did it and was the pep guy for 2020. We didn’t get the stick or whatever but it was still fun.

Interviewer-do you regret anything from the past four years?

Brian- no I don’t regret one thing because I believe everything happens for a reason.


Those were the two interviews that I felt set a wonderful example on what we think is going through a seniors head, they gave great advice not only can freshman use but all grade levels, even middle school. No one is perfect and no one expects anyone to be. School is like a game, you either go on to the next level or you are going to have to keep repeating it. Like the boys said, don’t slack off, your freshman year is important, yes, but so is sophomore, junior, and senior year.

Malik Story
Brian Story

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