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Effects Climate Change has on Kansas

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Have you noticed any changes over the years in Kansas weather? Has it been dry as a bone one day, and wet as Niagara Falls the next? If yes, this is all due to climate change affecting our planet and all the wildlife and people that occupy it. We have to start changing the way we are living now. because if we don’t start to make a difference, it will have drastic consequences. Our world will fall apart more than it already has and will cease to exist and all of us that inhabit it will die.


In Kansas, the weather has always been very unpredictable through out the seasons, one day it can be hot and humid and the next it will be chilly and rainy. Kansas weather has changed drastically over the years due to climate change because past generations didn’t think of the consequences their actions had on our planet. Now in 2019, people are realizing the damaging effects we are causing to our planet and wildlife.

Since the 1700’s the carbon dioxide in the air has increased 40%, causing the United States to be warming as well as Kansas.(epa.gov).Recently over the last few years our crops have been effected by this change because either the soil is too dry to grow any plants or we have heavy rain that flood crops. The shortage of water will make farmers have to irrigate their crops frequently to try and make them survive to make any sort of profit. They would have to use more of the High Plains Aquifer System than they already do which would deplete our supply for the state of Kansas (epa.gov).







Also in Kansas, the winter seasons have not been as cold as it has been in the past due to the Earth warming.

With the climate change effects it has endangered the Arctic and we here in Kansas  are experiencing the same things just on a smaller scale. Our winters are mild and it hardly gets below freezing point until the end of winter and it drags into the other seasons.


The Solution

In order to prevent any more drastic climate changes, we need to change the way we are living. We need to  stop using plastic as much as we possibly can and use other materials that biodegrade for everyday items. With plastic not being able to degrade for a long period of time, it is killing all diffrent kinds of animals in our oceans and is found all over Kansas effecting the wildlife here.

Another big step we need to take is to reduce our usage of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases. To achieve this, we can switch to electric cars to reduce the fracking of the Earth’s surface to get gasoline and use solar panels to energize our homes (climate.nasa.com).With these steps, we can try and reduce any more climate change developments and work our way back to a healthy planet where every living organism, human, or animal can live and thrive.

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