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Why Isn’t ICE Targeting the CEO’s That Hire and Illegally Exploit Undocumented Workers?

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The Big Questions

What does it mean for CEO’s to hire undocumented workers and why is it not an issue that’s being addressed among our society? To begin, a big misconception about illegal immigrants is that most people believe that they are a drain on our welfare system, but contrary to this belief, most immigrants do not qualify for federal aid. So, how does this relate to the CEO’s that are hiring undocumented workers? This means that these employers do not have to pay undocumented workers minimum wage and they don’t have to follow work safety regulations. What does this mean for someone who is undocumented and working for an employer? If undocumented workers are hurt at work, these employers will leave them unaided and neglected.

Why Do Companies Hire Undocumented Workers? 

The main reason why employers are hiring undocumented workers is because it will increase their profits. CEO’s are protected because they make donations to political candidates and are part of organizations that make said donations to those candidates. These workers are easy targets to the CEO’s that exploit them because they don’t have a political voice to communicate their concerns due to them being undocumented. Undocumented workers keep their heads down in hopes to find a job. Employers abuse that power by providing them with inhumane work regulations.

Victorina Morales

Victorina Morales is an immigrant from Guatemala who worked as a housekeeper for Donald Trump’s golf course for more than five years. Victorina would clean the villas that Donald Trump would stay at during his time at the golf course. For Victorina and many of her coworkers, the humiliation and verbal abuse expressed by their supervisors was immense. Victorina’s supervisors all knew about her immigration status and how she was an illegal immigrant. However, Trump’s company denies that any illegal immigrant was hired. Victorina announced this to the public in December of 2018. After she announced her story, Trump’s company has fired 20 more illegal immigrants that worked for the same company that Victorina worked for. Victorina is currently working with Senators Cory Booker and Bob Menendez to investigate Trump’s organizations to shield any other illegal immigrant working for Trump from deportation.

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