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2019-2020 Varsity Football

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Souths Star Quarterback, Jashun Grant and Running back, Jordan Huggins

On Friday, September 6th, our varsity football players won their first game against North (47-7).To prepare for this year’s games, Coach Tafoya said they worked out every day of the summer and attended several camps. Many of the players agree that the addition to the Coaching staff has a tremendous influence on the way the team plays this year.

Speaking to Coaches Wells and Tafoya, they pointed out star quarterback, Jashun Grant, as a player who significantly impacts the team. Jashun, senior, agrees saying he carries the team on his back. When it was pointed out that no scouts come to South, Jashun said, “We don’t get any recognition, so every time we’re out on the field we have to ball out every play like it’s our last.” The first game certainly shows that they’re doing so, as does their second and third. This far into the year, South’s Varsity Football team is undefeated. ┬áTalking to Running back, Jordan Huggins, who had a spotlight on KSN says, “It felt really good to be recognized, but I wouldn’t have been able to make it without my team.”

(left-right) Jordan Huggins, Jashun Grant
Daylon Harris

Many of the players say sportsmanship has taken a turn for the better this year. Senior player, Kobe Hicks, comments on how over the past 4 years of playing varsity for South, this year has been the most communicated. Kobe also talks about how former Coach Lopez would make practices more of a competition than teaching and it would negatively affect the way the team viewed each other. This year, the team has been more focused on being an actual team, communicating and treating each other with respect right off the back. The comparisons from last year to this year are tremendous. The team as a whole has put in the work to change how they are viewed and the mindset they go out onto the field with.

Senior player, Kobe Hicks

Carlos Sosa is a Sophomore Varsity Player. He says that the bond between the team this year is extremely better than last year. He also explains how the new addition to the coaching staff has been the biggest help in the aspect of changing the mindset of the team. 6 games into the year and this is the best the team has ever been has a collective mind.


Carlos Sosa

The teams goal this year is to be together with good spirits and play their best, “We have to play our hardest, even if we don’t win, we have to know that that was the best we could’ve done.” Micheal Shelton says while talking about how he feels on the field.


Michael Shelton and Joshua Hazen

We can’t wait to see how well our South Football Players do this year, good luck boys!

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