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Pregnant Teens Facing High School

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Annali and her baby bump

Being pregnant at a young age or in high school is usually frowned upon. ┬áSome girls while carrying with child even go far as dropping out of school; some teens are not able to handle the judgment and the stares from others at school. Most pregnant teens have to get a job and get ready to be a mother. The first thought of most kids when they’re pregnant while attending high school is dropping out because they’re with child, not knowing what is to come with her and her baby’s future.

Many parents of the pregnant teens usually disown them or even kick them out. Not giving their kids a chance of support of their unborn grandchild. There are some cases where the pregnant teens have been forced to abort their unborn child by their mother and father. Even the father of the baby can force the mother of the unborn child to abort the child.

Annali and her baby bump

Annali Vernarsdale is a junior at South High as well as 6 months pregnant. As the months fly by and her attending school while carrying with child, it can be frustrating. At random moments, her stomach can start hurting and can be easily distracted, especially when she can feel her baby kicking.

Annali’s mother has been supportive even before knowing she was pregnant. Her mother thought Annali was pregnant before Annali did, as well as being completely understanding. Annali’s whole family was supportive of her having a baby. Her sister was the only one giving her a hard time about having a baby because her sister knows how it feels to have a baby at a young age. Annali never thought of having an abortion and the father of the child didn’t either. The father of the unborn child plans on staying in the picture.

Nadia Mendez is also a junior at South High and she is 6 months pregnant. Being a mother in high school is pretty frustrating for her. It’s frustrating for her because of all the people staring at her and the work is hard and, as a result, it’s hard to keep focus. Also it is hard for her to want to get up in the morning to go to school everyday.

baby shower
Is the baby a girl or boy?

Nadia sees herself in the future getting a job, so she can take care of herself and her baby, and being in a stable environment and pursuing her dream in the future. The father to the unborn baby plans to be in the picture. They never thought of having an abortion when they had found out they were having a baby. Also her parents and her family supports her decision on having the baby; they never talked down on her for having a baby so young, and they support her having a baby.

Makayla has a baby. In high school, she had her baby in freshman year. Makayla said that having a baby is hard; it is stressful and difficult. It’s harder to get school work done because the baby is always there and it’s harder to focus because you are always worrying about the baby. It’s harder when the baby’s daddy isn’t in the picture, so there isn’t much help with the baby. Makayla said that her dad was supportive about her baby; her mom wasn’t really around to put her opinion out there. The dad isn’t in the picture and she said that if he tried to come back she wouldn’t let him come back because he already missed so much, so she does not see the point in why he should be around. Makayla’s best friend’s family has helped her through her pregnancy. The baby was not planned, but her reaction was reasonable because she was so young. It was too soon, but she does not regret having a baby. She says having a baby helps with certain stuff.




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