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High School Students Unhealthy Habits

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Unhealthy Eating 

According to the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS), 14.8% of high school students had obesity and an additional 15.6%  were over weight (stateofobesity). Most high school students that have the choice to leave during lunch choose to eat fast food everyday. Fast food is extremely unhealthy and could lead to a higher risk of getting metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and death from coronary heart disease according to the Washington Post. The food served in school is also not quite the healthiest option either because they serve things like pudding and burgers which are not good for your health. Students that eat unhealthy don’t get the proper amount of certain nutrients that are needed to allow them the energy to focus, which can lead to poor grades in their education.

Unhealthy Sleeping Cycle

Many high school students are falling asleep, arriving late to school, feeling down and driving to school sleepy due to lack of sleep. In an American poll they find that only 20% of students get the correct 9 hours of sleep on a school night and 45% of students get less than 8 hours of sleep on school nights. Students get away with little sleep because 90% of parents believe that their kid gets the correct amount of sleep (consumer affairs ). Lack of sleep makes it hard for students to focus in class and can cause them to get bad grades. Getting the correct amount of sleep every night plays a vital role in students school life and can effect them in major ways such as their mood which can get in the way of students learning.


Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Around 17% of high school students are drinking, smoking, or using drugs during the school day, according to a new study by the national center on addiction and substance use. Students that are known to use drugs or alcohol are found to attend school less, have lower grades and a higher chance of dropping out. Drug and alcohol abuse is shown to have harmful effects on the human body and a heightened chance of dying at a young age, especially since teens bodies are not fully developed. Early exposure to drugs and alcohol can lead to serious addictions later on in life. Overall high school students should stay away from people who use or abuse drugs and alcohol if they want to stay focused on their school and grades.


Students who procrastinate experience higher levels of frustration, guilt, stress, and anxiety and in some cases leading to serious issues like low self-esteem and depression. The reason high school students procrastinate is because they don’t believe the work is important, don’t understand the material, or just don’t know how to get started. It can have an effect on school work and their overall health. It leads to poor work being turned in and their grades lowering and it adds on extra stress. Research shows that 86% of high school students procrastinate and it follows them to college and it is not a good skill to have especially when trying to get a job.

High school students pick up many bad habits while in school. The best thing to do is to focus on school and try your best. All the habits listed above are not good habits to have in college or even later in life when you get a job. Overall students need to keep a healthy lifestyle while in high school because it can be a very important part of your life and can determine your future.






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