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10 spooky things to do this spooky season.

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Carved pumpkin

1:  Visit a pumpkin patch.

There are many things to do at a pumpkin patch. You can pick pumpkins, walk through a corn maze, or go on a hay ride.

Carved pumpkin

2: Carve pumpkins.

Carving pumpkins is a great way to decorate for Halloween.

3: Go to a haunted house.

A haunted house is a fun thriller for everyone.

4: Have a scary movie night. 

Gather a group of friends and watch some scary movies. It could be a horror movie like Silence of the Lamb, or a classic like Hocus Pocus.

5: Make caramel apples.

Go out to the store and buy some apples. Heat up some caramel and drop the apples in.

Halloween decorations

6: Decorate for Halloween.

To get in the mood for spooky season, go out and get some scary decorations, and hang them up outside, or decorate your room with lights and little pumpkins.

7: Bake Halloween treats.

Make some cookies, and decorate them like a pumpkin or Frankenstein.

8: Costume Contest.

Gather up a group of friends, dress up, and have a group of people judge to see who has the best costume

9: Plan a Murder Mystery Party.

Find a group of friends and play a real life game of Clue.

10: Go on a Ghost Hunt.

Find the most haunted place in your city and take a group of friend to find the Ghosts.


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