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5 Reasons Why Bees are Important

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#1. Pollination

Pollination is needed for plants to grow. Bees are the insects that pollinate the most out of all the pollinators. When bees land on a flower they leave grains of pollen on the sticky surface, allowing the plants to grow and produce food. Bees play a key role in one out of every three bites of food we eat. Without them, many plants we rely on for our food would die off. 

Honey Bee Pollinating

#2. Food Source

Bees produce honey so they can feed their colonies during the winter. Bees hibernate during the colder seasons because Queen Bees are the only ones that survive. During the winter the Queen bee forms a new colony by laying eggs in the honeycomb. Bees pollinate during Spring, and Summer season but when bees pollinate plants, they help our crops grow and help make food for us.


#3. Environment Health

Bee’s colonies monitor the negative environmental influences. Bee colonies can be moved to any environment in the country that it isn’t cold. Pollution in the environment is easily shown in a bee colony. Pollution effects are shown in pollen, wax, and honey. Bees are “superorganisms” because if something can harm the bee colony, it also is hurting our earth. So if we lost Bees, we would lose our vital flag indicator on our environment and ecosystem health.

#4. Bees have so much to teach us

Bees have so much to teach humans. For example, bees have inspired scientific and engineering projects such as the use of hexagons in engineering. Bees have inspired poetic ideas and philosophical. The study of bees is the most researched creatures over humans.

#5. Biodiversity

Bees benefit biodiversity by being pollinators. Bees support the growth of trees, flowers, and other plants, which give humans and other animals shelter and food. Without bees, we wouldn’t have gardens and our plates would be empty. Bees are important as humans, never judge them because they aren’t as big and strong as us, but they still play a very important role in our environment and our living state.

An ecosystem of animals

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