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Did Christmas lose its meaning?

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There are many meanings of Christmas to various people. Some people see Christmas as a family get together, and some see it in a religious way. There are several meanings of Christmas, with some people not celebrating it because of their religious beliefs.

Many people see Christmas as a time for free gifts or free food when Christmas is so much more than that. Christmas is a special holiday to many people; it could be because they want to be with family, or because it was the day Jesus was born. Christmas isn’t a time for gifts; it’s the time for family, love, being together, and cherishing each others’ time. During the holiday season, it’s the time that little kids get excited to send Santa letters; they get excited because they believe in Santa. It’s the time for belief, love, and family.

Though the question still hasn’t been answered: Has Christmas lost its meaning? The answer to that question is yes; yes, the meaning of Christmas has been lost. People see Christmas as a time to get free gifts. They only care about receiving gifts, and how expensive the gifts are. People don’t appreciate things they get, even if it is just $5 or less.

Christmas is so much more than food, money, or gifts. There are so many joyful aspects to Christmas. It’s a special day with so much meaning and so much to celebrate.

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