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Things You Should Do While Visiting San Diego, California.

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San Diego, California is known for the the white sand beaches that reach miles and miles along the Pacific coast. It is also known for the outstanding weather that ranges from about 50 degrees to 77 degrees. It rarely gets below or above those numbers except in the heat of the summer. San Diego is home to Camp Pendleton; one of the largest Marine Corps Bases in the United States. Each day the camp holds nearly 70,000 soldiers and sailors. San Diego also has many cool attractions, one of which being, the Sea Lions at La Jolla. Visitors can experience hundreds of wild sea lions that lay out on the rocks of the beach and even swim onto sore to terrorize the birds, or even in some cases, the tourists.

Marine Graduation March 11th, 2018.
Sea Lions at La Jolla. San Diego, California.

Cities that are oceanside often have many upscale restaurants with a menu full of seafood. During my time in San Diego, I experienced one of the restaurants called The Pearl. This restaurant is located on Rosecrans street near the Sport Fishing Landing. This restaurant is unique because it not only has a swimming pool that you can eat by but it also is a motel. The rooms of the motel are intentionally small and in a cubic shape, perfect for one person. The food was good and the experience was even better.

San Diego, California is a welcoming city full of white sand beaches, seafood, and plenty of surf shops. You can walk the beachfront stores and tour places you do not get to see if you live in the middle of the country, isolated from the unique adventures cities like this one bring. Traveling is the best way to gain knowledge and experiences. San Diego, California will always be one of my favorite places I have been, and I think it could be yours too.


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