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How Do Outstanding Teachers Make A Difference In The Lives Of High School Students?

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Have you ever had a teacher who has impacted your life? Many teachers these days do not care about your life or the struggles you go through. They see you upset or overwhelmed during class and they send you to your counselor before even asking if you are okay. It is sad to know that teachers are around hundreds of students each day and do not even bother to see how they are doing. Here at South High School, I have met several teachers who have made a positive impact on my life. They have changed my attitude towards school and have made me want to wake up each day and push through those tough days we all have.

Tara Rodgers

Mrs. Rodgers is a US history and AVID teacher, as well as one of the cheer coaches. My first hour of freshman year was spent in her room with my new AVID class. I had no idea how much these people would mean to me and how close we would become over the next few years. Funny enough, I compared our styles and love of all things hair and makeup first. I already knew I would like her. What I did not know was that when I came to school a little off because of a rough night at home, she would notice. If I was not in school one day, she would notice. No matter what kind of mood I was in, she always noticed. She cared about not only my grades and being successful in school, but my whole well being, and that means the most to me. Mrs. Rodgers is an incredible teacher who has given me the confidence to pursue a career in which may be quite challenging. She has inspired me to be a kind hearted person and one day, an amazing mom.

Jeffrey Welch

Mr. Welch is a journalism and speech teacher, and in the past he has taught AVID. Freshman year I had the pleasure of being in his third hour journalism class where I learned how to create a piece of writing that displayed my knowledge on an entertainment topic. Everyday he asked how I was doing and always made sure my day was going good. On the tough days that I had and would question purpose in life, Mr. Welch always assured me that I was here for a reason and would do great things. A few years later, I look back on my freshman year, and I am so lucky to have had a teacher who looked out for me and encouraged me to keep going even when I was already giving up. Mr. Welch is an outstanding teacher and human being at that.


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