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Why College Is Crucial In Today’s World

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Many high school seniors have no idea what they want to do after graduation. Many careers and jobs that offer realistic benefits require a minimum education of an associate’s degree. Two years of college, or any kind of secondary training for that matter, may seem like a waste of time; however, it looks better on your resume than just a high school diploma, and it will benefit you in the long run.

1. You Will Make More Money

A higher education comes with a price. Not only will you be paying thousands of dollars to get this education, but with this education, you will earn that money back. Most people look at college as an impossible route to a successful life due to how expensive it is; however, you are paying for a few years of schooling that will help you be financially stable for the rest of your life. That seems rather worth it.

2. You Get To Do What YOU Love

How many times have you heard your parents say “I hate my job,” or “Don’t grow up too fast, work sucks?” Well, I know I have heard it several times from many different adults in my life. When you go to college, you get to pick your major. You will not find yourself studying something that you did not choose. The choice is all up to you. You can choose your path to a career in which fulfills your life. When it comes time, do not let your kids grow up around your opinion of how much growing up sucks.

3. You Will Live Longer

More money means you can afford healthy food, supplements, and the health care you will need in your life.

Overall, college is an important and worthwhile part of one’s life. College helps students develop the experiences needed to work in their desired field, and they open up a door for success.


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