Mon. Jun 21st, 2021

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Abolition Of The Electoral College

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There are many people who want the electoral college to be gone; they’d rather the president be elected by the popular vote. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, said that “every vote matters”. Warren said the only way that can happen is to abolish the electoral college. Sixty-five percent of adults believe whoever has the most votes should be the nation’s highest office. The way a president is selected is by a Constitutional Amendment which requires the votes of two-thirds of the the U.S. House of Representatives, two-thirds of the Senate, and three-fourths of the states. President Trump once supported that we should abolish the Electoral College, but since he became president because he had 304 electoral votes and Hillary would have won if it wasn’t for Trump getting so many electoral votes he would have lost and since then he has changed his mind about abolishing the Electoral College. Now Trump feels as though the Electoral College is better for the US. However, there could be another way. A number of states have signed a pact that guarantees their Electoral College votes to the winner of the popular vote, no matter the outcome of other states. Paul Gronke has said that “it really does over-represent some sparsely populated states, and it provides some skew bias to our system that i just don’t think is healthy anymore”. Gary Gregg, who leads the McConnell Center at the University of Louisville had made a comment that if “today’s system over privileges rural states, a national poplar vote would just be just as unfair in the opposite direction”. Trump made a comment similar to that saying that the smaller states and the entire Midwest would end up losing power. Jacob Levy had made a comment that he bets that the U.S will still be using the Electoral College in the next 20 years.


June 2021

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