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South High Homecoming

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What happened to homecoming over the years? Where has the school spirit gone? South’s winter homecoming was cancelled due to the lack of tickets sold prior to the dance. On the Friday morning of homecoming, just after lunch, it was announced that our homecoming would not be in effect this year. South has such a small drop of school spirit that mostly exists within the members of the student leadership club. High school is supposed to be memorable. We don’t want to look back onto our years in school and regret what it was we did not do, wishing that there was more effort put in to making memories our four years here. Back to homecoming, why do people not want to go? What was it like a few years ago when people actually wanted to attended South’s homecoming?

Here’s an interview with 2008 graduate, Cyrus Jones, who was shocked at the news that South had to cancel the dance:

“What was South like while you attended?”

CJ: “Everyone supported everything, including the dance. Our dances always sold out,” Jones remembers, “plus, you could bring a guest from another school as long as they brought their ID”

Individuals from other schools are still able to attend South’s homecoming dances as well as our prom.

“Why do you think kids would rather not come now?”

CJ: “Too many drugs are available now. I think kids would rather get high with their friends before they focus on going to college.”

“How do you think South could get more kids interested in being involved with school activities?”

CJ: “There are more activities than just sports that kids are interested in; find them, and make something that they would enjoy.”

This year, there was no excitement about the homecoming dance. Even the freshmen pushed the thought aside when, in earlier years, underclassmen made homecoming the topic of discussion. Talking to anonymous underclassmen I obtained some intel:

One girl who attended last year’s dance stated, “All the staff does for preparation is put up a few of the cafeteria tables and hang up, like, 2 streamers across the ceiling. The dance floor is literally the cafeteria with the tables that cannot be moved still in the way.” Many others agreed with her statement. Mostly every person I talked afterward talked about how hot and crowded the cafeteria is: “The music sounds like what elementary school kids would like during field day.”

Others pointed out that the spirit week leading up to homecoming has barely any school spirit and it’s almost always the same ideas for what to come to school dressed up as. “But spirit week is highly regulated,” one teacher told me as we were talking about how disappointing the cancellation was, “our administration is strict about which ideas will be allowed in the spirit week activities.”

Spirit week always been a dread at South. The days are boring and played out. Even though we all appreciate the administration’s attempt at a fun week and an even better homecoming afterward, it just is not what is envisioned by the student body.

So, what can we do to increase the school spirit at South, once a school that was filled with students who took pride in their school and attended the events made? Can we place all the blame on the students who hardly try to show an ounce of school spirit, or do we turn our heads to the bigger source, the administration, for not empowering the students with pride in the first place?


June 2021

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