Tue. May 26th, 2020

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Top 5 Apps Used in 2020 So Far

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1: WhatsApp

Just at 1 billion to 5 billion downloads in 2020 so far. It also has just 24.6 million users on the app. The app is used as a way of communication for people around the world so that way they can meet each other or stay in contact.

2: Facebook

Facebook has 1 to 5 billion downloads so far in 2020. It is also the world’s most popular social networking website and application. Users share their memes, life experiences, and funny videos.

3: Instagram

Instagram has 1 to 5 billion downloads so far in 2020. Users use this app as a way of expressing themselves and showing what the world has to offer.

4: Snapchat

Snapchat has 500 million to 1 billion downloads so far in 2020. The app allows users to chat with other Snapchat users and send messages, photos, short videos and more.

5: Uber

Uber has 100 to 500 million downloads so far in 2020. Users use Uber to get to day to day places. It’s similar to a taxi but only through an app. Users pick the Uber they want and can pay through the app. They can even rate their Uber driver.

Uber App Icon – vorher und nachher
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