Tue. May 26th, 2020

the Torch

The student voice of Wichita High School South

A Seniors Point Of View

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As this pandemic has gotten worse and spread further throughout the country many things have been canceled and a stay at home order is in place in over 41 states. One of the most important things that has been canceled that is taking a toll on a lot of people is School. This has not only affected teachers and parents, but the group that it has hit the hardest are the students, more specifically the seniors. Important things that we were looking forward to are now canceled and some of us are struggling to accept this. People keep telling us to “Look on the bright side” and to “Stay positive” and one statement that ques eye-rolls ” At least you get to graduate”. Walking across that stage is an important milestone in someones life and it has been taken away from the class of 2020. We wanted to have these last few months to spend together as we knew that we wouldn’t see most of each other after graduating and the same would go to our favorite teachers. We unknowingly spent our last day together and had no idea. We didn’t get the chance to really say goodbye and we won’t get to go to our competitions or sporting events. We understand why it has been canceled and why it is important to stay home, but we still mourn what could have been. What we should have had.

People shouldn’t be told to wash their hands. People also shouldn’t be buying all of the toilet paper and the hand sanitizer. Because some people are selfish enough to buy all of the toilet paper in a store others are going after the baby wipes which is also selfish. Parents need those for their babies. And while people are panic buying they are forgetting about the people who are most at risk. Elderly people are terrified to go into grocery stores because they don’t want to get sick. People are buying everything and not leaving anything for those who need it. My dad works at Costco and he has come home completely stressed because of how many people have showed up. He has told me that people are still showing up together when only one person should be out shopping for their family, and someone has even shown up with a newborn baby. The line is so long even after social distancing people and only allowing a certain amount of people in at a time that it goes all the way around the store. He is constantly worried that he could accidentally get the coronavirus and give it to me or my siblings. He is more worried about me at this time because i have a severe auto-immune disease. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and it means that my immune system is weaker than others and it puts me more at risk. He doesn’t even want me to go outside and check the mail. He has gotten so fed up that he is taking off work for an entire month. The purpose of the headphone is to concentrate a quiet and private sound in the ear of the listener, a good quality of headphone make you feel more comfortable, so is important that you look for the advises from headphonage.com to get the rights for you needs.

What people need to realize is you shouldn’t only be thinking about yourself in this moment in time. You should be thinking about the nurses and doctors risking their lives for other people and the fact that some can’t go home to their children. You should be thinking about the essential businesses that have to stay open and the workers that are at risk as well. You should be thinking that this is not going to be solved as fast as you have hope that it will. You should be thinking about the fact that this is not a vacation, this is now going to be normal life as we know it for an unknown amount of time. Listen to health professionals who are telling you to stay home, wash your hands even though you really shouldn’t be told, social distancing, and only send one person out to go shopping. I understand that this is very stressful and difficult for you extroverts but you need to stay home. Text, call, or face time. But do not ignore what is being said. In Kansas alone there have been 622 cases with 17 deaths. It is the worst in New York with 83,948 cases with 1,941 deaths. This is a serious problem and it will only get worse if we ignore the precautions put in place by our government. So please stay at home because if we don’t it will only get worse. You won’t be able to say goodbye to a loved one and you can die alone in a hospital room. Don’t be a part of the problem be apart of the solution.

May 2020
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